Evil Within 2 trailer introduces us to Stefano Valentini

Bethesda has released a new trailer giving us a closer look at one of The Evil Within 2’s newest antagonist, Stefano Valentini. Valentini is a photographer turned killer who places out the bodies of the people he kills to make art.

According to the trailer’s description, Valentini represents one of the STEM world’s “human monsters”, a statement that gives us some interesting theories on how the sequel will expand the horror of the original and also confirms that we may have more than one antagonist that are ready hunt down Sebastien on his search for his daughter.

Thus far, Valentini has been rather prominent in the game’s advertising, with his creepy Camera Lady and “appreciate the Art” message being one of the major highlights of the reveal trailer. The latest trailer looks more into his personality and the atrocities that he has done, setting himself up in a nice little morgue-like darkroom surrounded in by mutilated bodies and photographs.

The Evil Within 2 launches on Friday, October 13th 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Preordering the game will give you access to the “Last Chance Pack” which contains a burst handgun and extra supplies for health and crafting.