EA Play recap.

During E3, we like to recap all the news in one group based on the presentation. As we are trying to update this as fast as possible, some assets such as trailers and images may be missing until they are readily available.

E3 started it’s full swing with EA Play, an “unique” conference that was open to the public allowing fans to get a first glimpse of the new games coming from EA. While the event itself was lackluster, we still got some fun announcements for titles we knew were well on their way.

EA did start out strong though with the showing of Titanfall 2’s multiplayer mode, which showed off new Titans, fluid gameplay and a grappling hook item which allowed players to take movement to a new level by bringing players to new areas and bringing enemies closer.

This announcement was expanded thanks to the previously leaked Single Player Campaign mode. The campaign gave the Titans more personality and showed off some real cool Call of Duty-esque moments, making the wait for October 28th 2016 a long wait.


Bioware stepped up to give us a small amount of details about Mass Effect Andromeda, stating that this will be the biggest game that Bioware has worked on and is offering players more choices then any other in the series. Some quick shots of the game in motion were provided, showing off some impressive character designs.

Moving on to Sports, one of the more notiable additions to EA Sports line was the inclusion of a Story mode for FIFA17 called The Journey. The Journey will follow Football prospect Alex Hunter as he “visit new football worlds, meet new characters full of depth, and navigate emotional highs and lows of their unique story arc through decisions off the pitch, their performance on it, and character interactions throughout the 2016/17 season while playing for any of the 20 Premier League clubs.”


Star Wars made a short appearance at the show, however there wasn’t any new information that we didn’t already know given at the show. Dead Space Devs Visceral Games and Titanfall devs Respawn Entertainment are both working on Action Adventure titles in the franchise while DICE and Motive are working on a sequel to Star Wars Battlefront, however no new content was shown.

Finally Battlefield 1 got a new gameplay trailer along with a 1 hour demonstration from Celebrities and Youtubers, showing off the upcoming World War 1 title.


Overall, while the show had some promise thanks to Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, the EA Play event fell short.