Dragon’s Crown Pro confirmed for western release


The PS4 version of Vanillaware‘s 2013 co-op beat’em up, Dragon’s Crown Pro, has been confirmed for a western release by Atlus.

Dragon’s Crown Pro will keep al of the gameplay elements of the original title including Vanillaware’s gorgeous 2-D art and character design, but will add some current-gen upgrades including 4K resolution support, a newly recorded soundtrack, English and Japanese audio, as well as all the patches, features and the Storyteller voice pack DLC. As a special treat, players can also bring in their saves from the PS3 and Vita versions of the game, and be able to cross-play between the three consoles.

Dragon’s Crown Pro will be available both physically and digitally on PS4 and PS4 Pro in Spring 2018, and will be priced at $49.99 USD / $64.99 CAD