Don’t expect Crash N Sane Trilogy to get easier

If you’ve thought that the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy is a little more difficult than you remembered, well, you’re not the only ones. While the N.Sane Trilogy is a relatively faithful remake (and a gorgeous one at that) gamers have found that the game is much more difficult than they remember it being, diving in to theories as of why that might be.

“Now, we can all agree that some of the Crash levels were, and still are, not easy,” wrote Kevin Kelly, editorial manager of publisher Activision’s blog. “The challenge of the games is one of the things we all love, and that’s why it feels so, so good when you beat them.”

Vicarious Visions confirmed that one of their goals was to cut down on the frustration of the original Crash Bandicoot, drawing from the mechanics of the trilogy’s last instalment, Crash Bandicoot: Warped. There was also changes to the game’s collision system and added physics to “make it fare to all players and as faithful to the original games as possible.”

“For those of you who played the originals and acquired a fair amount of muscle memory, re-learning the handling in our game may present an additional challenge you weren’t expecting,” the blog post reads. However this doesn’t mean that the game is going to get easier suddenly as the post also suggest to try Crash 2 or 3 to get used to the controls as they have less of a learning curve and fewer overall modernization introduced.

And as words of encouragement for those struggling their way through the game: “We’re sure you’re up to the task.” In other words. Git Gud.