Destiny 2 officially announced, coming to PC

It’s been a crazy week for Destiny fans, first the long rumoured Destiny 2 was leaked by a retailer, then that leak was quickly confirmed with a fun teaser trailer. Then finally we got to see the full product and some more details about the upcoming loot-based shooter.

So what is happening this time around? According to the trailer released today, the Last City has fallen at the hands of an enemy called ‘The Red Legion’ which is lead by the game’s new big badass,¬†Ghaul. With the Tower destroyed, that also means all the loot and gear you stored has also been destroyed, forcing players to start over at the beginning when the new game launches.

Destiny 2 is slated for a September 8th 2017 release and will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and for the first time in the series, PC. An Expansion Pass was also announced, priced at $34.99 USD, and will offer 2 DLC expansions for the game. Finally, like with the original Destiny, Playstation owners will get exclusive content that will remain on the console up to 1 year (Fall 2018.)