CyberDimension Online – an offline Neptunia RPG – announced in Japan


When we first heard that the Neptunia series creators, Compile Heart, was working on a game called Cyber Dimension Online, we could only assume that this would be a MMO based on the Gameindustri world.  Well it seems we were only partially right.

In the latest Dengeki PlayStation (via Hachima and Otakomu), the magazine had the first look at the newly announced Neptunia spin-off. The game serves as an Offline-Action RPG that takes place in a MMO world, think of it as a parody of the .Hack and Sword Art Online games.

Fans of the Neptunia series may recognize the MMO being played as Four Goddesses Online, the MMO that the goddess Vert plays throughout the series, and will feature the goddess Neptune as a holy knight, Noire as a dark knight, Blanc as a priest, and Vert as an enchanter.

Not much more is known about the game at the moment, however according to the reports the game is 20-30% done with hopes of releasing in Winter 2016 in Japan. No word yet on if the game will make it Stateside, however judging on Compile Heart’s affiliate Idea Factory, chances are quite high that we’ll be seeing the game at some point.