Chuck Norris stars in his own mobile game, Nonstop Chuck Norris.

It’s hard to believe that the badass, seven-time world karate champion and walking Meme Machine Chuck Norris is turning 77 this year and has yet to have an official video game about his roundhouse kicking exploits.

That’s about the be fixed with Nonstop Chuck Norris, a new mobile game due to be released in April starring the martial artist himself as he crosses multiple universes to take on endless horde of punks and bad guys , all while collecting more Chuck Norris ‘facts’. Chuck can even use additional power-ups including folded chairs, chainsaws and selfie sticks as weapons, and have an arsenal of special moves including his signature roundhouse kick.

“The game’s a whole lot of fun and I hope my fans enjoy playing it.”, said Chuck Norris. “It’s a tough job to be my sidekick and I hope players are up to the challenge!”

The game is being developed by flaregames, a mobile gaming publisher based in Karlsruhe, Germany. “It’s a video game maker’s dream come true to be able to make a game starring Chuck Norris,” said Klaas Kersting, flaregames CEO and founder. “We want this to be a game that anyone can pick up and play, and one way we’ve approached this is by making the game playable offline, as well as having Chuck Norris fight even when players have turned off their phones. It’s just one way of bringing to life the immense energy that Chuck Norris has shown throughout his amazing career, which no normal person could ever compete with!”

Nonstop Chuck Norris is currently set for an April release on Android and iOS, and will be downloadable for free!