Brutal Legend will eventually get a sequel

The Gods of Metal are smiling on us… okay more like grinning enthusiastically… as Tim Schafer has given us all hope that we’ll be able to return world of Heavy Metal sometime in the future.

The hope of a sequel to the 2009 cult-classic was caused by a fan at the E3 Coliseum when Tim Schafer and Jack Black took the stage for a Q&A during a panel called: “Jack Black in Conversation with Tim Schafer.” While Tim apologized that their appearance together lead some to believe that the game would be announced, however he did give some hope by stating “Someday we’ll make that game” adding that it would be an expensive game to make.

That’s not that surprising, as the original Brutal Legend cost around $25 Million to make which included the use of licensed music and the impressive voice cast which included Jack Black, Ozzy Osborne and the late Lemmy Kilmister to name a few. While the game is Double Fine’s best selling game ever, raising $25 Million or more for a sequel might be tricky.

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