Batman: The Telltale Series Review… Im Batman!

In the past decade we have had some amazing Games, Movies, TV shows and definitely Comics, of the adventures of the caped crusader Batman and the craziness that goes on in Gotham City!

Batman: The Telltale Series, is the newest well known franchise that Telltale has turned into a episodic graphic adventure game, that incorporates the gritty world of batman with the amazing story telling and presentation of a Telltale game, with it’s great quick time events and your choices throughout the game impact all 5 episodes of the game, which are made up of Realm of Shadows, Children of Arkham, New World Order, Guardian of Gotham and City of Light.

The gameplay of Batman is similar to other Telltale games, there is a heavy emphasis choices that you make throughout the game affects the outcome of the game, most of the gameplay is timed sensitive including dialog sequences to combat sequences and also quick time events. in the game there are also consequences for each choices you make and also how you approach a situation will change the outcome of the game which will change your dialog option you get and also how characters interact with Bruce Wayne/ batman.

During each episode there is one section that makes you go into full detective mode to find clues within the environment to continue the story to stop the children of arkham. At the end of each episodes you also get to see what choices others players have made within the game which is very interesting and also this is the first game that telltale has implemented crowd play which gave’s you the ability to have 4-12 players each vote for which dialog option they want and this works by everyone connecting via there phone, tablet or laptop and influence the game and also giving a whole new way to play games

The main story ark for Batman: The Telltale Series revolves around the children of arkham wanting to ruin Bruce Wayne and his family’s legacy, by exposing the monster his father Thomas Wayne was. This new revelation gets Bruce removed as CEO of Wayne Enterprise and replace him with Oswald cobblepot (Penguin) a childhood friend of Bruce with a shady past. The children of arkham are also developing a drug that makes people lose all control and go into full on rage mode, afterwards Bruce gets drugged and goes out of control and attacks penguin then gets sent to Arkham Asylum. In Arkham Bruce Meets John Doe(Joker) and learns the reason why Lady Arkham wants revenge on Bruce Wayne and his family name. The game also has other story subsections this includes Harvey Dent(Two face) running For Mayor of Gotham, The interaction between batman and Catwoman that than turn into Bruce and Selina Kyle and much more. Other than this the story does evolve depending on the choices you make from the dialog options you are given or how you approach a situation this gives that player the ability to replay the game and get a different outcome to the story of the game.

Batman: The Telltale Series was another great example that Telltale can make a great looking game, they used their signature cell shaded graphic style that they use for more of their games, the game also has great character designs for Batman, Two face, the Penguin, Cat woman, victor zsasz and John Doe(Joker). The overall Design of Gotham was great they where able to implement the look of the city to have its gritty dirty section of the city such as the dark alleyways, the cobblepot Park and Arkham Asylum but on the other hand Wayne Manor, the bat cave and Wayne enterprise where amazing looking. Overall Telltale really capture the look and feel of what makes Batman an amazing franchise.

My experience with Batman: The Telltale Series was very positive with its great gameplay, amazing characters and a solid story that changes from the choices you make within the game. There was some issue with performance especial on PC with the occasional frame drop’s and small graphical glitches, But my only real problem with the game is not having the ability to Skip “What happens on the Next Episode” or “What happened On the previous Episode”. So I am excited to replay the game to get a different story outcome, also use the crowed play feature and but most of all i am hopping that there is going to be a Batman Series 2 to continue amazing story.

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