Absolver trailer details combat

As someone who love pretty much all things martial arts, Sloclap and Digital Devolver’s Absolver has been on my watch list since its announcement. Yesterday the team released an in-depth look at the fight styles being used in the game and details some of the many ways you can kick someone in the face in the upcoming Multiplayer Brawler.

In Absolver you play as a Prospect whose taken a vow to join the Absolvers, an elite corps of combatants fighting to maintain stability in the world. Players are given the option to use one of three styles starting out, Forsaken, Kahlt Method, and Windfall, each with their own special ability and uses. Sloclap described the styles as follows:

Kahlt Method – Absorb hits without being stunned or pushed back, and regain lost health with every successful counter attack.

Forsaken – Balanced and powerful, prospects can parry enemy attacks and briefly stun opponents.

Windfall – Greater dexterity and will, prospects can avoid enemy attacks leaving them open to a powerful counter attack.

The trailer also talked about the Combat Deck, which will allow players to choose their attacks for 4 stances, essentially allowing them to create their own fighting style. Players can learn new attacks from following mentors or in combat from various opponents in the world.

Absolver is set to release on August 29th, those interested can sign up for the beta here.

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