DarkStalkers Coming to the Playstation Network

It’s been said that Capcom are the kings of 2D fighting games, mainly because of the different variations of Street Fighter they’ve released along side of the Versus series as well, but there was always one game, while tribute in the versus series and the cross branded “Cross Edge” game, that people haven’t heard from in years.

The game is called DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors, and while the game isn’t exactly mainstream or popular as say Street Fighter, DarkStalkers was a fast pace 2D fighter staring monsters. It’s like taking the Huge Jackman ‘Van Helsing’ only making the monsters fight each other, and making it good.

Now whether your a fan or newbie to the series, here’s some great news, the first game of the series is coming out to PSone Classics soon for the low price of $6 dollars. While this isn’t a revival as most of the fanbase would hope, it may just lead to one. So if your a fan of Street Fighter, or 2D fighters in general, I completely recommend this series, and to pick up the game when it comes out to the playstation network next month.